Mobile Generator Sets designed as Automotive Vehicle

Independent operation at any time: Mobile Generators on a truck chassis

We offer the automotive generator sets in all sizes. The design and manufacturing of the complete superstructure for the truck chassis is also carried out at our factory.


250 kVA automotive Generating Set with optimized exhaust emission for operation at 50°C. Special Equipment: 3 electrical cable drums each with 4 reels à 45 m power cable. 9 trucks were delivered to Saudi Arabia


29 kVA Mobile Light Tower automotive design with hydraulic mast with 9 x 500 Watt floodlights and silent pack for airport application.


Ground Power Unit automotive vehicle silenced. Power: 120 kVA/400Hz – 28 V(DC) 120 kVA/400Hz - 28 V(DC) dual voltage version Ground Power Unit. Super-silenced automotive design ready mounted on truck chassis.