Reliable emergency power supplies should be used everywhere

With more than 10,000 systems manufactured and delivered in the last 60 years, we can look back on numerous references in over 80 countries worldwide. The portfolio ranges from projects in small production companies to well-known international corporations.

Medical facilities

A power failure means more than just darkness. The immediate restoration of the power supply may, or even must, save lives. We are proud to be a nationwide leading provider of safety emergency power supplies in hospitals and clinics.

Public and commercial facilities

Regardless of whether it is a football stadium, hotel, office building or administration, a failure of the power supply must not lead to standstill or danger. With our broad technical spectrum and power ranges from a few kilowatts to well into the megawatt range, we can find an individual solution for every need.

Municipal facilities:

Our competence, quality and reliability have made us one of the leading and independent manufacturers in our industry. In this way we were able to develop a good reputation in communal areas, such as public administrations, utilities and waste disposal companies and, last but not least, with fire departments and the police.

Data centres and telecommunications

The world has changed. Data centers and telecommunications have become the mainstay, or rather the backbone of all areas of life. To keep everything moving, a reliable power supply is essential precisely here. We look back with a little pride on numerous extensive projects in this area in the recent past. Regardless of whether it is a small local exchange or the location of a global player, we face the task.

Industries and power plan

The safeguarding of production processes, the safe operation of auxiliary equipment in power plants or the supply of other critical areas is all the more important today. We are happy to face the special technical requirements of these projects. For unfavorable climatic conditions as well as special installation or operating conditions we will find an individual solution.