Containerised units

Containerised Generators for Emergency Power Supply or Standby Power Supply

With this solution, the emergency power system also brings its installation room with it. Thus, variable locations with comparatively little preliminary work are possible.

150 kVA Generating Set for base power supply on an offshore platform.
4 x 1750 kVA containerized Generating Sets with 12.000 liter storage tank for a power station
2300 kVA standby Generating Set in 40’ container in south China
2 x 2000 containerised Generating set with table cooling system in Leipzig
2 x 30 kVA powered by air-cooled engines. Repeater Dual Station for desert area and continuous operation with extended maintenance-free interval of 1500 h each.
240 kVA containerised Generating Set for a theatre.
2 x 30 kVA containerised and soundproofed Generating Sets for mobile-telecommunications transmitters of STC and Etisalat (Mobility).
30 kVA Repeater Generating for mobile-telecommunications transmitters - more than 100 such stations were installed.
800 kVA containerised Generating Set of a utility company.
2 x 1065 kVA containerised Generating Sets for emergency power supply of a data center in Abu Dhabi
2250 kVA doublecontainer unit in Switzerland