Stationary and mobile Diesel Generating Sets for Emergency Power, Peak Load Supply and Continuous Operation

Emergency Power Supply, Standby Power Supply and Power Plants:
Comprehensive expertise from a single source!

We manufacture manual, electrical or compressed air started diesel generator sets. Depending on the customer’s wish we can deliver the air or liquid cooled stationary, mobile, or silenced units installed in steel containers, pre-cast concrete stations or weatherproof canopies made from steel or aluminium.

Our units come with service tank and double bearing alternator with flexible coupling fitted as standard. Diesel engine, alternator and front end radiator are installed together on a welded steel frame with vibration damping. Depending on the design the switchgear can be found either directly on the unit or is positioned separately inside or outside the unit room.

We work closely with all the renowned motor and generator manufacturers. All systems are equipped with your desired motors and generators models. Of course if you need engines running on biodiesel, vegetable oil or natural gas we can design this into the unit. According to customer or legal requirements the units can be fitted with heat exchangers or exhaust gas after treatment (catalytic converter, particle filter e.g.). We will gladly take on design for cogeneration units.

If you tell us your needs we will then develop, design and manufacture the unit for you.

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Here you can look at some power units and emergency power supplies manufactured by us. Make your selection from the adjacent overview.